Hearthstone – Best Shaman Deck in Un’Goro

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I continue to try out the many new decks on Journey to Un’Goro and the Elemental Shaman has a lot of potential. One of the upsides being how you can modify it to fit the current meta. This deck could see a rise in player base once the meta stabilizes.

MaSsan here, also known as MaSsanSC, I mainly played Blizzard games professionally in the past, such as Starcraft under Quantic Gaming, and Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft of under Team Solomid (TSM) and Cloud 9 (C9), winning many tournaments like pinnacle 3, Lord of Arena 2, Heroes of Cards #2, and so on.

My goal is to bring you highlights, best, epic, or funny hearthstone games that I can find during my gameplays while learning and teaching arena or constructed (ranked) gameplays (and open some legendary card packs!).

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Vector Grunge by Vecteezy.com

Cold Funk Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Whoosh_01 by Timmy_H123

Horn Fail by TaranP

Fire Effect overlay by Glee Compraise

Trailer Hit by n Beats Sound Effects

Slow snow falling by CuteStockFootge

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